Statistics from the field, approach to bang ratio.

Every player needs to monitor his approach to bang ratio and note if his approaches are converting or his just wasting time this is are hardcore statistics from pulling girls over the last 3 years in kenyan clubs, universities, libraries and streets.

The average blue-pilled beta male with 0 game has an approach bang ratio of less than 0.1%(this constitues 60% of men) that is they will need to interact with more than 1000 females before they find a girl willing to accept their advances. Most of this guys will be with 2-3 girls in their lifetimes out of all guys he has interacted with till his 30’s what a shame. I will always bet a million kenya shillings that this guy can’t pull pussy from the street or club he got his girlfriend from a tight social circle in uni.

The educated red pill guy has an approach bang ratio of 1% he needs to approach a hundred women to get one woman consistently

The natural(a guy who is naturally good with women) has an approach bang ratio of 4-5%(this is crazy high fucking 1 out of 20 women you meet will shock most betas)

The student of game after 1 year hustling in clubs you should have about 6-7% approach to bang ratio weirdly after one year of experience the ratio rarely changes if it does. I have an 8% approach to bang ratio at the moment that means approaching 50 women a week i will usually fuck 4 new girls each week(200+ a year) do the math and you can see why having higher ratios is almost impossible.

If you can fuck 1 out of every 10 women you approach I want to learn from you contact me on my inbox.You must have god level pua skills

Anyway you know why learning Game and being a “playah” is more important than having money and having to switching gold-diggers every year. Game pulls more than money and status simple.

I have told you your odds if you don’t have game you will never pull more than 1% of women you meet whether its natural game or learned game.

this post is short-sighted, not worth recommending. there is something called standards, some people bang 8/10 girls they approach, simply coz they approach desperate ones. others bang 3/10, I mean get rejected by 7/10 women who are real hotties and the give no shit coz of being rejected. in short, the latter fuck real queens. this theory of yours does not hols waters