Statesman sunnymango commentary on current affairs

Ni Ramandhan…and to sunnymango things are not rosy. especially to us farmers.the already worse situations has been worsened by this Ramadhan…A couple of years ago i was of the opinion that muslims actually eat more during this holy month based on the rumour that its the time sewer lines in Eastleigh and South C bust…
Now that i became a farmer i have a contrary opinion…wakifungua fast jioni …they dont over eat…wale woria walwa wanakujia bidhaa kama nyanya, hoho na kadhalika huku mwea na makutano wamepunguza the quantity they buy by over a half.this has really hit us hard as combined with other factors,prices have really gone down.
u see woria ndo tu wamebaki na pesa nyingi as other nywele ngumu have been plundered by their govt. Kra is under intense pressure to provide cash which vanishes into thin air mara hio hio…and they are required to get more and more…from peasants pockets to oversea accounts…by the way what happened to Obado billions under his son name? we forgot.
Since nobody cares for the peasants(Those who became nobody) Peasants also care for nobody. Ave heard of farmers spraying pesticide meant for trees like Mikorofia (avocado) to sukumawiki especially ingine inaitwa “cyclone” whose effect is 21 days .and in three days iko sokoni…i also blame your govt since no planned sampling inthe market for pesticide analysis takes place…hizi vitu mnananunua haziwezi make kuingia market za majuu kama UK…i mean the govt you pay tax to should be vigilant and protect you…but all they do is steal…
kitunguu ikikawia kukauka shambani wanapiga glamaxon ama roundup…you see the cost of production is high and so no time should be wasted! mkikufa na cancer shauri zenu!!
i mean everyone has grown a thick skin and dont care about others welfare no more.Lets all die they say…


roundup? shait

Endelea kuvumilia ramadan

@sunnymango umepotea sana boss, anyway kwa ufupi tusinunue vegetables from Mwea?

the kenyan govt should be included in ‘a thousand ways to die’ …funny thing is the govt officials and their families still consume the same poison!

the environment is horrible. everyine is crying.
the only time Kenyans cried that there was no money was during the safcom ipo before the refunds.
every Kenyan everywhere had come to buy seeing how successful Kengen’s was. it dried out liquidity kabisa.

…ama Weedal

This shows how stupid these ppl are.

Hii ukora yetu ndio ita speed up our way to the grave.
I think of coming with a system that you can plant your our vegetables which uses less space and water.

Kenya is Gotham city…

Still stuck at where you dry onions through the use of round up.

well said…and i am Penguin

So if there is roundup in fresh produce, you wonder what’s in man-made food. What’s really in Royco mchuzi mix and other things?