Stateless Black people in Africa : Maragolis in Uganda

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]This batch of people found themselves in Uganda in the 1950s due to British colonial activity.
They have been stateless even though they have been on the land before Uganda became Uganda.
The Ugandan constitution (Chapter Three : Articles 9 to 19 ) guarantees citizenship based on
Birth, adoption, registration and naturalization among others
Am glad the KE govt corrected a historic mistake by granting the Rwandese and Zimbabweans who have known no other land but Kenya citizenship.
I hope other countries on the continent take cue and do the necessary.

The people till the land and feed from their sweat, there is no reason to deny them what they truly deserve and they pose no threat to Uganda as an Entity. Matter of fact, they are Bantu and they interface well with the Uganda around them. As at now, the bulk of the Maragoli community in Uganda were born there or are even third - fourth generation Ugandans.
Its a very simple matter really for Uganda. [/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]This is Africa and the motherland is our business.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]Patia hao ile nafasi ilinyang’nywa akina patel na akshay[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]Avandu vitu vakonyeke, avaganda vaturi ku-vindu vya-vavee ku yivi[/SIZE][/FONT]

How can an African be stateless in Africa?

I was surprised to discover of a place known as Kigumba Kafu in UG

A simple research I conducted some years back indicated the Maragoli to be the most displaced community in Kenya. I was shocked to find to establish that over 85% of the Maragoli people live someplace different to their native Land. Most of them are scattered across Trans-Nzoia,Turkana, South Nyanza, Kiambu,Kabete,West pokot,Nandi county,Uasin Gishu,Uganda,Arusha-Tanzania and most western Kenya counties. The same also applies to the kikuyu of Muranga and the Ogiek of Kiambu. All this can be attributed to the greedy Beberus.

Did you mean tasteless?


we bukusu sharrap :smiley: mambo ya maragoli huwezani

The ogiek of Kiambu, wakanyama, meria and his cousin fiud macho take offense in being called ogiek, they confer the name pure blood unto themselves.
Maragolis just like their cousins Gusii and Gikuyu can survive anywhere they are planted.

Avandu vitu vakonyeke, avaganda vaturi ku-vindu vya-vavee ku yivi Avandu vitu vakonyeke, avaganda vaturi ku-vindu vya-vavee ku yivi

I’m feeling for these folks considering my mum being a Maragoli.

It’s a pity that it took this long for those Kenyans of Zimbabwean descent to be formally recognized today. But better late than never.

That language is familiar.
Watu Wetu wasaidike, Waganda Wazuri vitu viwe …watu wetu wasaidike, Waganda wazuri vitu viwe…

Ku yivi?