State Of The Village Address

Let me begin, as is right, elders, I conjure and implore you all alike, to hear to me.

Many advantages have I over you, elders. I am intelligent, good-looking, vigorous, mighty in muscle and courage et cetera.

Notwithstanding these facts, which I have stated exactly according to the truth, a conglomeration of notorious cocksuckers, shemales, bitch ass niggers, infantilized marsupials and ugly old fools ventured to continuously attack me with abuse. They besieged me with their endless dramas and petty emotions.

I, it appears have become the convenient target of their frustrations and resentments that have been accumulating over the years.
Why, you, I know not what name you deserve! Why do you relentlessly pursue Herod the magnificent ? It stems from some deep
earlier pain they are reliving, but I digress!

Such being the matter, villagers, I resolved to conduct my defence. I proceeded to my own actual measures. Measures! None of you
can be so silly as to suppose you can reason with mad dogs. But alas! I brought myself down to the same mediocre level they occupy.

I think further, you ought to consider this, ‘’‘You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.’‘’

I have spoken, O elders, I have spoken my whole mind frankly and unreservedly.

Signed: Herod The Magnificent.




SV you have confirmed that English (spoken or written) doesn’t equal being intelligent.

Napenda hii kijiji:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ghai fafa !



Siz in-law how was your day.

Aoko aling’ang’ana kufunza ii kijana osungu kiasi

Freyja niaje?

@Herod V =@mimi humwagiwa dani=@cock sucking bottom fagget

Mjamaa hope hauna vested interest on my injinia. Hapo ukicheza nakuzika langat cemetery.

I am fine. It was a great day for JKUAT graduands. :slight_smile:

Pouwa…bado unauza mizoga ?

Herod V its clear you have been suffering from dipreshen

Freshia si ata ungepost “At JKUAT… Anyone??” nikuje tufanye kaquckie nimwage ata shot moja

tukutane huko

It was a virtual graduation ceremony mwalimu.

After parte ni wapi. Ilikuwa unitupie number inbox. Mimi sio Mtu ya karura forest. Mapenzi yangu Kwa injinia haitaishia juu ya mattress.