Kenya has been here long before us, and human problems have been here long before Kenya. Recently, I passed by the National Archives to study about our past and what I found there confirmed to me that we live in a state of same problems, different day. A campaign poster of over 30 years ago was promising to solve the same issues our great leaders of today are promising to solve. Two things are sure: commodity prices will always go up, and platforms to air our complaints will keep increasing. There is nothing unique about our current problems, we are just a different generation, experiencing problems that humans have experienced since creation, only that we may be experiencing them at a different magnitude. Yes, it may be hitting us differently, but it also hit those who came before us, and there’s nothing much we can do to prevent it from hitting those who will come after us. All we can do is make sure it hits them a bit softly. Have a productive day elders.

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