State of the city.

Tukule ujeuri wetu[ATTACH=full]282381[/ATTACH]

hii team husemekana ya akina kibicho na balala bado wanakula allowances za being committee members of the nairobi regeneration chieth

Wanakula vizuri sana bila masahibu. @spear can tell us more why we are not seeing the positive results of the so called Nairobi regeneration committee.

OP has succeeded in getting Nairobi and Kiambu counties as their puppet piggy banks. Kazi sasa ni kukula tenders to kibichoo and company inc. The same way they complained of Sonko, Waititu case will be 10 times more under this puppet and puppeteer arrangement.

Don’t complain, support handcheque and BBI they know what is best for “us” than we know ourselves.

Who is OP?

Uhuru alirogwa na Raila. Si Moses Kuria alishawaambia?

Mbwa flani hapo juu inakashifu “OP” na a while ago jubilee development threads were his wanking encouragement

There was a time you used to sing their praises day and night…what happened?Ooh the showed you the middle finger? you are a reformist?..toa ujinga hapa…shenji.

Chieth ong’er, what happened to jubilee development threads?

Office of le presidente

@spear omwami,siuambie wadosi wako wapitie nairobi kiasi kisha utufurahishe mecho na mbisha

mtaphirwa mpaka mtii!!

Soon after Sonko was in court the team that was previously under DG Igathe returned at the corridors of city hall. They were there to see who is positive, lukewarm or hostile to their return. Initially they expected elachi to take over either temporarily or they stretch that further. However AG legal.opinion showed how complicated Nairobi was compared to Kiambu. First it was not fully captured that elachi had substantially be reinstated as speaker. Her position is still in a legal bubble at county assembly that everyone ignores or looks away because the return to MCA infighting is unpredictable. Two, the constitution is clear that the speaker can only act for 90 days before we go to the ballot to reelect a new governor. NIS has already warned not to underestimate Sonko reach and popularity. It may need to appease him to step away for the by-election for some concessions or get UhuRuto and RAT to pick a joint candidate. The choice of OP to front sakaja as a puppet candidate in a by election is not universally popular in Nairobi. Its just another case like Peter Kenneth. Nobody in grassroots likes a puppet candidate. Sonko is capable of taking them on and upset the contest because the mood in the ground is hostile. mumbi judgement this week that Sonko acted within his powers as governor to nominate DG has blown up their plans completely. It validated Sonko lawyer Sen. Mutula position that the judge didn’t suspend Gov. Sonko as governor. He only restricted him from interference with his official office which is listed as a crime scene by OPP. He can even access it but under supervision of police officers to.monitor his usage. No materials or data should be removed from there.

Back to tenders. Sonko would give each MCA one road of 1-5kms per year to prioritize and build as a joint project. MP would get 10km. Mostly rehabilitation of roads. That way in 5 years you each have 25kms-50kms of roads to show voters as work done. Secondly was rehabilitation of county schools. That’s how he maintained support in Jubilee and opposition.

Nairobi regeneration committee is jointly chaired by Gov Sonko and CS Balala. Now its kibichoo only. Even balala is trying to catch up. This is where wars on Sonko got ignited. Treasury gave them 50 billion allocation for roads, BRT and commuter train as a joint project. Infighting over those tenders led to daily onslaught on Sonko on githeri media and commuter train and brt reverted to Namata then back to ministry of transport. Sonko wasn’t playing ball, he wants his cut as well 50-50. Dandora dumpsite by PPP has died again. What was left was roads. President Uhuru intervention meant all those projects went to Chinese firms for 10 billion to rehabilitate Eastland’s roads. They didn’t utilize the other allocation and was returned to Treasury very bitterly. Chinese have done well, they will share profits with cartels after building the road well, including drainage and walk way as designed. Sasa that means the payout is not as high as the cartel hoped.

This week after the riots in Eastland’s regeneration committee has given KURA another 10 billion to rehabilitate all the roads in Nairobi damaged by the extended rainy season and floods. All have gone to local contractors. Higher payouts is the key. Expect thinner layers of tarmac and I’m sure they will not relay the drainage afresh like the Chinese. Patchwork and unclogging will do.

Karma is a bitch, wenye mnalia handcheque government of see no evil, hear no evil will taste how it goes in Nairobi and Kiambu. Just ask Jubilee MCA’s, all of a sudden they are being mocked by odm MCA that they are now in power going to sagret, bouliverd hotels, OP to take weekly bahasha and the others are clueless. They are the pawns to keep the status quo going. There will be a blow back coming.

Sonko anajua kupaka rangi viatu. In reality useless

tell us about your buddy Sonko, we are not children nor stupid. What has he been doing all that long. Saying OP this, OP that is nonsense, Nairobi has its own Government. Nairobi is not run by Kibicho, chieth

Sonko saa hii akisimama na umbwa. Umbwa ina shinda.

Na vile waliraukaga mapema kuvote?
Wonders never cease. Vitu vichechagia (sp).
Even I saw @Okiya has changed his avatar from himselof to Uhuru’s portrait. Ngai mwazani!

Very soon kitaeleweka why I changed my avatar

Kenya hii its only corruption if you are not getting your cut. Family business is rampart in Ministry of Transport and health but you will not hear an outcry from the same people singing anti corruption crusade. Recently President Uhuru cancelled indefinitely launching Kisumu port relaunch after 2 billion was spent there. He personally toured the place 3 times impromptu. He has struggled to see where even 300 million went let alone 2 billion. Clearing bushes, fencing, removing junk stalled equipment, rehabilitation of access road, taking old spare railway truck to replaced the broken ones and taking idle mobile cranes from Mombasa port to Kisumu. The rest is paint works. 2 billion. Only reving MV Uhuru is positive but that bill is small since Navy engineers did it at minimum cost. KPA MD is now facing charges on behalf of the cabal for eating and guess who is his lawyer, orengo.

It will be a pleasure to reveal all this handcheque scandals this year, one at a time to show the hypocrisy of our politics.

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