State of Emergency Trial

The government should give us a trial of state of emergency before the 26th election for guys to have a feeling of what will happen if the elections are not carried out. Three days without electricity countrywide, no TV and radio broadcast, no mobile network, 6 pm- 6 a.m curfew.


I’ve confirmed that 26th is on, and the state will use all resources in its disposal to ensure that. If you are thinking of causing any trouble, you better not because you will join Msando or end up in the hospital. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.


where have you confirmed juu sijaskia ukisema reliable sources?

RWNEBP though

I agree people need a little bit of shaking to value what they are taking for granted.

Not only reliable but higher sources.

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True i heard the DP in a rally yesterday (though not directly)…na iyo tone sio ya kubembeleza mtu my fren. Wise Kenyans should stay out of any confrontation with security officers