State Capture DFHKMBL

@Okiya is as sharp as they come. Your analysis of Hujuma credit has been polished and presented by Digi Nyor… I mean Ndii

The author is a scholar and knows his stuff. Having said that it goes without saying that when you allow politics to take over your thought process then what you pen cannot be impartial or objective

when i see talkers (some of them elders) here saying Ruto is a thief, i assume they are not aware of what is coming their way.

Indulge us.

I clicked on the link you provided an hour ago and ended up glued to the richness of the content, Mr Ndii has his facts straight Uhuru is but a poor reflection of colonizers.
In effect the pigs left to guard the animal farm.

ndio maana ninaimba stawi is a state capture thing based on oduma namba! konyagi alinyonga credit to the private sector so that he can control it later by giving out payday loans at stupidly high rates. the consortium of banks eats the profits but losses are underwritten by central bank (aka the people’s money).
i actually started singing this song after reading that article. konyagi is in business for himself and his dark family.

That asshole family

Ndii makes too much noise you can’t know when to take him serious, he has a politically infested mind.

State Capture is real. This is just a tip of the iceberg. If you dig deeper you’ll find that all the big 4 agenda policies have a hidden angle of entrenching the dynasty… Koto in housing, SGR in private land in Naivasha, Crookside monopoly, KBL takeover…


facts are stubborn! conjecture is just a nuisance.