State Capture Defined

Entrepreneur vs Tenderpreneur

Good, leta number three sasa

Wajackoya na yule mwengine ama?

Don’t be funny, mubaba wa baba ndio tunataka kuona biashara zao

Ako kwa ballot ama? Na mbona hamkuuliza izo swali mkiimba tano tena na thuraku. Brayo wacha kuchoma

Does that change the nature of state capture?

Or that they are the financiers of a candidate on the ballot?

or that alongside the same candidate they failed miserably in their attempt to tarnish checks and balances in the 2010 constitution ?

:D:D:D Hii inakaa iliandikwa na hasira bana. Ati millions bagged. FYI if they can’t trace, doesn’t mean that it don’t exist


Evidence against your “Entrepreneur” has began to emerge.