Starting a YouTube Channel

It’s not easy but it takes determination and patience to see something you want to share as a content creator grow and as well make money out of. This is not a “how to guide” post, heck no. There are many out there where you can read. This post is to encourage anyone who wants to start out.

I have a YouTube channel that’s struggling and I feel that I should reach out and give a lending hand for those who should ever come across this post. USE YOUR TIME WISELY AND FIND GOOD CONTENT SH*T otherwise you’re gonna miss out on great content. Speaking of which. I need your feedback on my channel, am open to any criticism:

17k views $3 a month… good luck with that shit

Or you can have 17M views $3000 a month how does that sound?

Youtube wamenisumbua sana. They even have susspended my channel for 3 m0nths. reason being that I am displaying adult content.

does that content belong to you???

This is what it shows… what the fuck is it?

hehe enyewe the channel is struggling

What did you actually upload?

Looked at your chanel.
First change the name of your channel. You are no celeb hence your real name wont sell
Two. what is your niche? Dont just upload videos randomly choose whether you re posting about carttoons or movie reviews or kenyan foods or porn reviews like me.
Third. promotion. share your channel all over men. Force it on people
Fourth; Monetinization. Adsense wameweka restrictions mingi sana.


You just stealing content from other channels and uploading them again. That’s very low of you. YouTube won’t pay you at all for that and videos will be taken down. You’re not a content creator.


Which content ma fwend!

hahaha… labda the algorithm patad you. You know sometime the YouTube bot is messed up.

First: Real name, Fake name, does it matter.
Second: Niche is random. What ever comes to mind. I will focus on something someday. (Rebrand coming soon)
Third: Hmm… what am I doing now.
Fourth: Monetization ni after I garner 4,000 channel views and 1000 subs. (new rules since 2018)

I had an old channel: (I had a niche but I felt I missed doing other stuff)

Two things.

  1. Using copyrighted content, especially US TV, like that Paradise PD clip will get you kicked out very fast, or never ever get monetised.
  2. Targeting a Kenyan audience is just a waste of time. Even if you get monetized, you’ll be paid pennies on the dollar.
    For a US audience, you can expect $1-3 per thousand views.
    For a Kenyan audience, you can expect $0.05 - 0.2 per thousand views.

Since you’re just starting, figure out how to get the high value traffic from the word go.

I’ve started a YouTube page. Nafanya music and I was wondering how someone gets loyal subscribers on YouTube. I haven’t uploaded any content yet cause I’m not sure what to upload that’ll make my art unique. Kindly advice and subscribe to my channel if you can the link is below

perhaps you need to start by uploading content?

Just think up of anything with time you will find your niche. Besides, that’s what I started and am sure with my new channel rebranded, I’ll be as random as they come.

Ma broda!.. copyrighted content is no biggie since I haven’t qualified for the monetization. Read the new policy that was placed. You have to reach a target bruh!