Starting a TV or Radio Station

Wadau what is the average cost of starting a radio station in kenya level ya kitu kama Ghetto radio or a Tv station level ya the gikuyu,njata,pwani and the rest of the signet stations. Asking for a Diaspora Chama with about 35 M to invest

Hire me as the operation manager

To start a radio station in Kenya, you will need information on licences and physical equipments for setting up the actual station.

The first step for any investor would be to get information about licences from the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK). There are differennt categories of Licences based on the type of radio station you would want to start. The three types of licences include:

[li]Public Broadcasting (KBC is the only designated public broadcaster)[/li][li]Commercial/Private broadcasting service[/li][li]Community Broadcasting services[/li][/ul]
Other Licencing to think about are the following:

[li]MCSK Licence (cost is determined by the scope and nature of the use of music)[/li][li]Music rights[/li][/ul]
Your choice of licence factors in on the cost of licencing as well as the equipment to acquire. The following equipment will give you an idea of what your station may need to start running.

[li]FM radio Transmitter[/li][li]Antenna[/li][li]Coaxial cable[/li][li]Power supply[/li][li]Equipment Racks[/li][li]Connectors[/li][li]Audio Equipment[/li][li]UPS[/li][/ul]
A breakdown of audio equipment needs would be as follows -:

[li]Limiter – compressor[/li][li]Tape decks[/li][li]Mixing tables[/li][li]Cd players or a PC[/li][li]Noise free boom Microphone[/li][li]Amplifiers[/li][li]Monitor Speakers[/li][li]Speaker Mounts[/li][/ul]

hio investment iko sawa for both a tv and a radio.

Hiyo radio icheze 90s Jam…

what about TV ya mashinani?

New digital Tv and radio station - FTA and IPTV - Kenya Talk

if you start radio for profits, you will fail terribly. radio stations ziko mingi kama mat za buru

Hii ndio shida ya kuosha wanyanye mikush. Hakuna investment ingine munaezafikiria other than TV?

Pia wewe si umpelekeee nyanyako akuosheee. Umbwa ghasiaa

Your ideas are welcome together with your financial contribution

Really how comes they still operate even as new ones sprout everyday

the main challenge lies in breaking even. ukiona radio stations poaching the big wigs in the game, it is to stay ahead of others. For instance, Jalang’o started at Kiss, went to Maisha and made it number one, he was poached by Hot 96 and after less than a year, Milele came calling.

a “local” station should be your only option but you must identify top and unique talent. that is how most Mombasa stations work. They hire unknown individuals while ensuring that locals only listen to the unique and localized progs. even if you’re in Nyeri, you must ensure that the station is relevant to the Nyeri people and not necessarily every Kikuyu listener in the country

For radio the real challenge is in getting the frequencies… mabwenyenye booked all the frequencies. you have no choice but to buy from them. Prime frequencies for Nairobi go for tens of millions. note youll need one or two for each major town in Kenya.