I am mulling over the idea of starting a computer training center huku mashinani, initially offering basic instruction mainly in ICDL packages.
[li]Premises are available[/li][li]Computers and other learning materials can be easily sourced[/li][li]LAN equipment can be sourced when required[/li][li]There’s good internet connectivity in the area[/li][/ul]
In case I actually take the leap, I have the following questions:
[li]What are the regulatory requirements from the National Government perspective?[/li][li]What are the regulatory requirements from the County Government perspective?[/li][li]How difficult is it to attract and retain good training resources especially as the center will be deep in the bundus?[/li][li]What is the expected sitting plan in a typical class?[/li][li]Is there money to be made in this venture or will it be CSR?[/li][li]What expectations will students have when they successfully complete their courses? Will they blame the center if they don’t get jobs immediately?[/li][/ul]
I appreciate and value your input, both positive and negative.

Boss that’s a dead business on arrival , start a college teaching mgt courses and Accounts …comp is losing relevance nowadays inafuzwa kwa mashule …that business would be viable 10 yrs ago

:D:D:D nikama kuanzisha simu ya jamii.
OP hio idea ilipitwa na wakati

Ukweli that business is viable in a country like Burundi or congo

You will have endless supply of kinyamo as a managing director

Kama ni mashinani, you might succeed because most of the villagers attend day schools that do not offer computer training.

Spice up the training with some online work training to make it transcription.

Siku hizi hata mashinani wanafanya hizi kama subjects high school hata za day. Labda jamaa akuwe aanzishe driving school na amake sure driving licence inatoka on time

Unless yo teaching some complex programming languages hio ingine ni kazi bure. Saa hii people just learn comps on their own… Hata certificates za college watu wanajinunulia ama unajitengenezea.


That’s what got me seized of this idea.


The overwhelming response is that this won’t work.
It’s back to the drawing board.