Start Times decoder (Set top box)

I hate paying some bills. In short, paying for something I rarely use. This little shit here I pay for it monthly.Am at home less than 15times in month so I don’t watch TV that much.

I heard there are some guys that can ‘mess’ with it and when they are done, I will never pay for it again. Any leads will be appreciated. I don’t know more about these things so if you know of nice free to air decoder let me know. [ATTACH=full]142669[/ATTACH]

when you do watch what do you watch? let’s begin there…


The way madam wants this thing… I’ve refused because I worked at a rival and I know they’re more or less similar.

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If its just 15 times a month then just skip it altogether. It not worth looking for a unlocked one which I doubt even exists.

They do exist. Kuna venye zinafanywa. When am at home I do have to watch news. Ni ile situation I must watch TV lakini I don’t feel like paying for it.

News, All channels. Some football (Kwese sport) Thats all I guess.

Utanunua tu. A happy wife is a happy home. You sleep with her not your job.


Grant her wish, and you will know peace…ION game ya Monaco unaonaje? naona niweke kichwa

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If you have a digital tv why not directly connect to your aerial

Tafutia wapendwa hii and register a netflix a/c na familia watakubariki[ATTACH=full]142700[/ATTACH]


Been using it for a year. Iko sawa kabisa. Only fault is the competition. Their fibre has been cut 10 times this year alone. Their customer care is good, they add more days to compensate the loss.


Bado sisi tunaishi mashinani tunasikia kuna kitu kama hii, inakaa Safcom kuleta home fibre Kiambu ni vision 2030, I don’t know what they’re waiting for.

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nunua tv box with 4000 channels,you get your international news ,local ona over internet,sports(if you can browse thru ), alafu mama watoto ataona spanish soaps hadi aelewe lugha,panyalets wako na cartoons to watch from here to outer mongolia,hata mboch atafurahia

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Enyewe!! furahisha jamii, just pay for it.

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Kama gani moja mzeiya.TV ni digital lakini haina channels za maana,na pia it doesnt make sense kulipia kitu naona tu sunday jioni vile niko kwa nyumba

Hapa ni outskirts ya UG county HQs. Safcom guys wamechangamkia their expansion of this service

Mazee!!! :(:frowning:

ingia inbox nikupe intel

oya mzito,unaeza pata mapa ya coverage ya vile internet ya saf com imefika.naishi mashinani pia

Just the major towns, and even in the towns they haven’t spread out in all directions[ATTACH=full]142731[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]142732[/ATTACH]

Surprisingly, there’s a dense network of the fibre in the middle of nowhere ( huko samburu mashinani past maralal and east of Barsaloi.)The network is denser than that of Mombasa. Nani anajua hio ni facility gani nimjumpstart na chang’aa ya sunday afte ?[ATTACH=full]142733[/ATTACH]