Starlink mini testing

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This is fast. Nimekuwa nikisearch youtube kila siku for the first starlink mini video. I will definitely buy this one. Ni kama Elon has designed this for third world countries.

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But first lazma ukue na standard resindetial account

That’s for early adopters/starlink village elders for testing purposes. Will be released to the masses later

It is now selling in southern American countries for $200 @ $35/month. Bei ya hustler ikifika Kenya inaweza kuwa cheaper zaidi. It will beat local IPS by far since speeds ni over 100mbps. Time for safaricom and airtel to wake up waache upuzi wa kunyima wakenya speeds.


This is a game changer

Shida ya kenya ni taxes na license expensive za serikali, somali has the cheapest Internet in east africa

Unless it’s for commercial purpose, doesn’t make any viable sense to have. Hardware at 28k na monthly rate of 5k total of 33k for the first month. Ukiweka Kwa rental premises, very risky chances Johnte Gaza anapita na hardware will happen asap

It is only good for rural places. People mind their own businesses. Solars ziko juu ya mabati na hakuna mtu anashughulika.

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Akiiba hard ware how will he use it? Those things rely on location you won’t tamper with software unless you steal and destroy it.

The software is in the router. Am talking about the satellite dish

What will you do with the dish without a router

The mini has has router inside the dish. And if it’s the other one the software is in the dish. Like if you disconnect the router and access your starlink account online, you can see the dish online but the router ain’t there. Infact you can’t steal starlink unless you want to steal and destroy it.

Ati Ozone? Hii ni ukweli ama ni stoty?

WION is an Indian propaganda channel. Hao maubwa niliacha kufuatilia when they were fuelling Ukraine-Russia war with propaganda

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