star trek picard

anyone with a download link to Star Trek Picard episode 1

There are a lot of serie downloading sites that you ought to know of. They provide the best movies and series at high quality. You can go to putlocker. It is probably the most top rated movie and series download website. It is for that very reason that it is considered illegal in many countries all over the world and many people have tried to shut it down but to no avail. The moment you asked this question I am assuming that you knew that downloading series from the internet is considered to be privacy. Everyone is doing it in kenya anyway, almost all the movie shops that get their licenses from the government sell pirated movies at 50 bob.

Hii series imefanya nkuwe glued to my screen through the weekend. Huyo picard anajua kuact fiti… kwanza relationship yake na other people imeweza sana…