Stand up comedy to warm up your Friday

I love stand up comedy. I started liking it back in high school and I would pay a lot of money to access stand up tapes za akina Eddy Griffin na David Chapelle. I have since watched many stand ups mostly american. Of late the talk of town has been Donald Trump. Every comedian has had a go at Trump in his own way and it never gets old. Here are some of my favorite. Some of them are not done by stand up comedians but they are funny anyway. I have listed them in descending order starting with my most favourite.

[B][U][SIZE=7]Maz Jobrani

[SIZE=7]Gary Gulman [/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Jerrod Carmichael[/SIZE]

Jim Jeffries

Stephen colbert

Seth Meyers

[SIZE=7]Bill Maher
John Oliver

Never heard of Gary Gulman… but damn that was hilarious! Got to Google him now.

The guy is hillarious in his own way

Jim Jefferies though not really a rib-cracking comedy but he makes lots of sense…