Stanchart Marathon

Next time please muende mkimbie hii marathon uko kiganjo ama kwa izo mlima za rift valley. mnasumbua wengine


Whoever came with this idea of having marathons was brilliant. I love it.

Niko race ya walevi wenye wako na hangover. I km marathon with a break every 100 metres. We had to be here since we were dropping our families.

Try telling that to the numerous churches around the city

mbisha ama ni …

hehe and truck na psv drivers

I cant participate in that marathon. its for socialites who wants to show off. if anyone has the guts for running, i would suggest Ndakaini marathon. unapanda milima unahema kama Isuzu mzee. if socialites like @Purple and other wankers here attend, watamwaga mate litre tano

See, it’s not only about running a marathon but bringing people together for a cause, uniting them and discovering our beautiful city.

Mbisha zi- cum

whats there to discover???

… bringing people together while inconveniencing others by closing the roads? They should go to boni forest to discover and enjoy the scenery there…

nowadays your reasoning is wanting. may that engineer from githurai make you pregnant quickly, unachokesha:D:D:D:D:D

mmmmmm, muyo muyo sukari
waamukata sweetie, uka ngutwae marathon

So much. I wish people could take care of the environment, to make it even more conducive for walking and jogging.

Kwani it wasn’t announced weeks ago? It was, but as per kawaida you didn’t plan. Marathons are held in big cities like NYC and Berlin bila kusumbua…

Mounds of garbage and the stinky Ngong river.

naamuka nesa, ni vaa pipeline ngaliko sya transami.

Elisha Kiprop wins the Mens 42KM
Rose Jepkoech wins Women’s 42 km race.

Nikidhani nitapenya na nduthi naamkia flat tyre.


Niliwakiliasha kama al-Qaida.

Aiiiii mboss, hizo mikono… au wacha tu, leo ni sunday

Mikono yangu iko tu sawa, would you like to see more of me?