stalking whores

No one would deny that the idea of impulsively rutting with a stranger isn’t exciting. There’s something undeniably appealing about being unburdened with the drudgery of relationships. Which is why I cannot comprehend the mentality of guys who stalk whores. While other men want to fuckk and bounce, these sort of guys want to keep the whore around and drown her in their sticky affections.

Consider the mindset of @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!, who stalks whores and refers to them as “beautiful”:

Exactly how lonely and hard-up are you to fall for a prostitute? There aren’t any normal women where you live? You can’t get your teeth fixed?

@Tauren alias @Philomena alias @Uzo wakutombwa matako Screenshot_20220813-180521.png


@PHARMACY alias @count dracula mtoto wa malaya wa mlolongo.

Usilie @Tauren siwezi kutomba hio matako yako chafu yenye ilipanuliwa pale Deb .Mimi si shoga Kama @uwesmake .nataka kukusaindia tupeleke huyo mamluki kotini

You’re an illiterate stupid peasant. I’m blocking your stupid ass ukuwe unajiongelesha.

Also, I’m not Tauren. But I like the guy. He’s classy.

Don’t block me prisss ,am helping you remember the unfortunate event which you went thru boy . Acceptance is the first step to healing . please kababa wacha nikumalize Pole pole ukipona hio trauma . The enemy is your rapist @uwesmake .

Sasa lete dadako nimfuge pia…siwezi mind. As long as i can access her honeypot anytime i want