Stalking an Ex . Video showing how an EX can ruin your life

Weuh that woman was sth else but also very meticulous.

If the man did that, he would be punished severely by the American feminazi courts.

what an evil witch

Ni kama yule aliosha laptop yako? I thank God I have never met such psychos.

Ati laptop pekee? All electronics hehe. Una bahati

Leta mbichas za kunguru wa southafrica


Psyop ya juu. She should work for an agency and not rot in prison

acha nikurushie

I have met two. One I dated the second I read the signs early enough.

mimi husema always screen for psychos early in the relationship and dump them before muende mbali. ubaya some are like trojan malware, they pretend to be good in the beginning and then when you are in too deep they reveal their true intentions

Leta hekaya, Japeng

jaduong zingine wacha zikae tu

She goes as far as hurting herself to hook the guy! Wueh…