Most people imagine stalin to be a tall figure who was incredibly always young and vibrant. unfortunately stalin was diminutive man, estimated at most at 5’5" in height and with a small frame. he was also considered particularly not easy on the eye. his face had been damaged by smallpox. the culprit was the pictures he usually circulated that were oversize and showed him to be a forever young 6’+ man. From when a child i believed stalin was a big man. Many people around stalin were also small. examples are Lenin himself, Beria, and yezhov(effectively a midget).

I can confidently say stalin invented photoshop and filters. he edited people like trotsky and other friends he killed out of pictures of political importance.


Putin is a midget

Always thank this man for were it not for him,Hitler would have exterminated you ‘sub-humans’

Nah ! ! ! His problems were else where. They had TZ next door, and the Germans compared to the Brits were very mild.

He found his people peasants using hoes and left them a nuclear industrial super power…with your height and handsomeness , how many nations have you conquered ?

Joseph Stalin was an evil bastard and a despotic megalomaniac who was no different from the Tsars that ruled serfs in feudal Russia. Even Lenin didn’t want him to take over, he preferred Leon Trotsky. But Uncle Joe was a Communist so that means he did nothing wrong. If he was a Capitalist though whoa-ho-ho there would be a million and one movies about all his atrocities.

Stalin was not perfect but he was a product of his environment. Human life meant nothing to him and if it were not for him sacrificing his own people to win the war. I am not quite sure where you and i would be right now.

The vohzd.

he also had a double chin and his photos often taken from left pr right side

Fun fact :stalin was not Russian

Yeah he was georgian and originally didn’t speak russian, but he styled himself the ultimate russian.


Stalin had a deformed left hand … Gobbels, Hitler’s right hand man had a deformed foot … Notice a pattern?:smiley:

Stalin had a deformed left hand … Gobbels, Hitler’s right hand man had a deformed foot … Notice a pattern?:smiley:

Yeah. they were physically inadequate in some way.

KABISA !!! na pia walikua mbilikimo, and… possibly to compensate for their inadequacies they were very ruthless…