The level of stage management in the kenyan radio shows is just outright ridiculous. Many radio stations heavily rely on stage managed stuff to provide content to it’s leaders. That’s the bare truth. Most of the stage management involves broke guys and is based on some weird sexual stories and conversations.


In 2010, there was a confessions segment on kiss 100 where callers called in to share their secrets. One caller called in to confess that he was gay and he liked it after starting it when he was in form two. The next day the same person called in to say that he has fucked the housemaid and also his sister in law (his wife’s sister). The voice of that person was so familiar kidogo nipigie Kiss 100 niwaambie hapo nayo wametucheza. There is no way Khaligraph and Octopizzo can have the same voice. If its Khaligraph voice its just his and nothing can change that.

In 2012 and 2013 there was the famous busted show on classic 105. This show focused to catch someone confessing to cheating on his/her better half and the better half would go on ranting about it. This show was highly staged managed because of the content. There is no way you can say I have 4 kids but when I start saying my problem I tell people am single with no kids. The show came to a halt after it was being served with legal papers for defamation of character. The radio station ended up paying millions of shillings in compensation and court settlement.

In 2015, a Nakuru based radio station, Hero radio hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. People were ‘calling in’ to confess to their sins. Two cases actually left a bad taste in people’s mouths. One that involved a woman sleeping with corpses and the other involved a woman who confessed to be shagging his Dad. Not only are the two ‘confessions’ weird they are disgusting. The way the interviews were being done there was some element of stage management where the woman actually went blank midway on air not knowing what to say.

In 2017 when listening to Radio Jambo, Lion and Mbusi, some dude ‘confessed’ to shagging his mother in law (his wife’s mother) can you imagine that?? Alafu wakina mbusi wanamuuliza kati ya hao wawili nani ana ikus tamu… Like really Mbusi?? Another one involved a woman being shagged by two of his uncles mbusi naye anamuuliza ati kati ya hao wawili nani game yake iko juu…hawa wasee huanga wajinga saa ingine…

From above, most of the confessions revolve around topic; SEX. Kenyans like sex the way a policeman like a bribe so people use sex to get content and increased ratings. How is stage management carried out??

Most of stage managed content is usually pre rcorded. Recorded early in advance for proper editing to be done. Its all done in the studio where actors are called go through a script and record the confessions’, with system manipulation the voice is surpressed to sound like its from a phone call.

Thats all about stage management

so what is the moral of you story ?

Enyewe there are some super hot mothers in law

for once i have read your whole thread.
This stage managed confessions should be banned. it so disgusting for radio stations to use useless contents to promote their ratings.

Come on! Don’t be ridiculous, this is 2017! Next ban vernacular stations then ban repetitive radio stations and so on WTF?! Go listen to podcasts, online radio or whatever else is available.

please do a post on event management next

this country has gone to the dogs. we’re poor and we like meaningless stuff, plus we have no morals anymore.
we enjoy gossip, aping western stupidity and mannerisms, and being in other people’s business but not to help; for laughs instead.
when i was in media, these things were the golden egg.
maina kagayni worsened the situation but that he got the highest ratings tells you where our minds are.
i stopped listening to radio because of all the crap.
siku hizi, nation fm (coz no one is talking), 1 fm (when they start talking i change) and my own mix.

Moto wa kuotewa mbali, scandal kama hizo zinadestroy families.


Radio station…tena leaders?..let me assume ni typo…Radio stations iko na readers?

Even though capital FM wanakuaga na ujinga ya presenters kutweng, I like the fact that they keep it professional hawananga iyo ujinga ya stage management and upuss zingine…

:D:Deither way it’s not working

we dont need your stale homosexual jokes , umbwaaaa .

Only Radio station I listen to is Ghetto Radio.

Story za Maina Kagayni zote huwa faaake.

:D:D:D:D Hapo nayo umenishika…siwes kataa…
hyo ni typo

II meant to say listeners…ni kuandika haraka

I stopped listening to radio when I moved from the city and capital fm had no reception where i am

Looks like these Kenyan radio stations have really pissed you off

World is awash with fake content, the weaves, make - up, radio stage managed stories, money plus lifestyles being splashed in music videos, fobe …its all we have. I get satisfied too with fake stories in novels.