Stacy Njoki, a sex worker, is reported to have been killed by her boyfriend.. I told you most of these lanyes are in relationships, others married

Via Usikimye…

This is Stacy Njoki, 43 years old and a paralegal with [@kiaswa_ke

A mother to one son. Stacy was at the Anti Femicide March for women’s lives on 27th January. Her co-workers say she was jovial and a great peer educator to their outreach program.

Stacy had a boyfriend who one month ago broke her arm pictured ,she broke the relationship and reported to the police. The case was taken to court , but Stacy was forced to withdraw the case from court as her ex boyfriend is considered influential . The last person seen with her was the ex boyfriend on Tuesday before being found today with 5 stab wounds one on the neck and the rest on her head.

Stacy was also a sex worker.

Let us make something clear , engaging in sex work does not mean you should be killed. Sex workers are adults who receive goods in exchange for consensual sexual services or erotic performances, either regularly or occasionally.

[@kiaswa_ke] records that in January alone three sex workers were killed . These three women who were murdered were not recorded on the 32 femicide deaths in January alone. Being a sex worker is not a death sentence. Stop killing sex workers.


The killer boyfriend…

For a man to stab 5 times on the neck is first degree murder. The sentence is death sentence because His intentions were to kill.

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Indeed, she used to receive millions of sperm in the line of duty! RIP.


Serial Killer Wa Kuuwa Malaya Is a National Asset.

Huyo ni mtu anaye jali nchi yake.Saves the country from HIV and other nasty STDs


Lakini bonobo Malaya pia usave country Sana , wanaume wakiwa na blueballs pale city centre hawawezi jenga nchi. A killer is a killer and should be castrated before facing the guillotine. Huyo mtoto Nani atalea? Nobody forces you to buy coomer it’s willing buyer willing seller .


This is the influential guy?

So this influential guy, who exactly does he influence?


Pia hii WANGAPI? kuanika picha ya lanye huku inachangia femicide. Panda husband au boyfriend hajui girlfriend ni lanye

Sasa nani alikuwa analipia hii surely?

Sex worker? Who is shelling cash to bang this mid mumama? Enyewe dudes are desperate out there.


Chimpanzees who can’t even assist you financially, you must prostitute yourself. What is the point?

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Wewe unauzia wapi?

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A moment of silence. No one deserves to die like that.

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Mwanaume anasettle aje Na lanye

ushawahi skia soko inaitwa gakoromone market? :green_emoji: :green_emoji: