SSH over Airtel network

I’ve been using Airtel 4G for a month or so and all of a sudden all traffic over port 22 times out. Anyone else encountered this?
Calls to customer care degenerated into a discussion of ports and protocols.

If only these service providers had contacts to a technical person. You may have done your analysis and collected relevant data, then the person on the other end asks you to do basic things like restart your device.

If they have an email contact you could try describing you problem exactly, maybe it will be forwarded to someone who understands the problem and you’ll get a useful answer.

Hawa watu ni bure kabisa…Even safaricom, had to explain to an agent what an API is, the error response i was getting and shit went on for almost an hour alafu ananiuliza ama ni paybill nilikua nataka kufungua…

:D:D:D tf.

Haha, I understand the frustration. They asked me for my location, mara I try port 8080, etc. etc.
Eventually I asked them to test a simple connection to github “ssh -T [email protected]” to which they never responded.

I don’t know which is worse: that they can knowingly/unknowingly block traffic for such a standard port/protocol, or the people meant to offer assistance don’t seem to understand the issue

it cuts across all the companies,Hata zuku they’ve put a bunch of bimbos hapo who know nothing about tech ,all they can do to help is tell you to restart your device,once you ask the technical questions they start fumbling


You guys know how such businesses work, right? Zuku, airtel, saf etc outsource their customer care agents from other companies. So you can’t expect ati washugulikie technical details. They raise tickets which have to responded by IT.

Once had issues with Blackberry Internet Service, took phone to the green service provider and lo & behold, service was restored without the pesky monthly charges.

Mimi na shida zangu nyingi nikajua that’s one less bill to contend with. Now I miss Blackberry.

The ones at Mbugua’s Faiba 4g are a figment of your imagination. Total cwap (in creepky’s voice)

Hao manugu ndo walifanya nkahama mbugua hadi hyo meffi yao nkauza :mad:

[SIZE=1]Alafu mbona almost 99% ya staff ni watu wa kutoka “marathon” cowndy[/SIZE]

I gather that mwenyewe ni wa huko Kwa marathon former Telkom employee

Juu bigfish wa Faiba ni mtu wa huko tu.

Restart your device… The first rule and a solution to so many predicaments…

Once I went over to the main airtel shop in CBD pilka pilka, and asked the main attendant kama anajua USSD code ya kcb bank na kama bado inafanya kazi. She was clueless kapsaa na akakataa kata kata ati airtel haina any connection whatsoever with kcb. I pressed *522# and showed her, the look on her face…

Kama ni dept head alimuulisa swali kama hio akipea investors tour ya ofisi angezabwa two hot slaps and a sweep.

Finally something worth the TECHNOLOGY group heading.
It looks like someone has been having their router hammered and they decided to lock out all the TCP traffic.
I think you will have to be very patient and pray for a technical response from them

Zuku guys are the worst. But as someone mentioned up there, most of these customer care agent are only providing 1st line support therefore any further technical assistance can only be provided in the form of raising tickets in liaison with 2nd and 3rd line support who are more technically specialized. At least KCB and KPLC are known to provide this type of support

Nini ifanyika? Nataka ninunue MiFi ya Faiba. Are you suggesting that I forget about Faiba?

Not exactly