Sri Lanka's Attacks Were Reriprocation for New Zealand

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Defense has intimated that there are indications that
Colombo’s suicide bomb attacks were retaliation for Christchurch’s mosque
attacks in New Zealand several weeks ago.

So far, close to 400 people dead, many more still unaccounted for.

Sadly, these attacks are not getting as much media attention as the ones
in New Zealand!!

So what about all the other time ISIS attacked innocent people without any reason??

@IsMundu = mkundu

If it was a retaliation, why are you sad that the attacks are not getting media attention? Are you Muslim btw?

You are much safer in SJ than in a house of worhip.

Tuliza boli Mkumbwa!!

The intelligence system ya hiyo country failed big time…8 separate explosions na they dint get wind of even 1?

The ones who died in Colombo, Sri Lanka were Christians - many of them children. The targets were three Catholic churches and four hotels!! What are you talking about!? Ama unafikiri Christians wako tu “West”!!?

So media attention would bring them back to life?

Holy shiit…bado ujaelewa a simple logic.

Sri Lanka is a poor, “Eastern” nation - New Zealand is a rich “Western” nation. Get it?

Some people are thick!! Maybe this Easter huyu @Budspencer alikunya uji mwingi.

Mimi nashangaa why mtu analilia media attention. The terrorists’ main agenda was to capture the world’s attention. Now that they’re aren’t getting any, they’re a sad lot

Just explain what good media attention will do in all these.

When Will we avenge for our countrymen.

The danger in worship places is non-ethereal…the one in Sj is venereal.


Intelligence can’t do much, just see Kenyans and alshabab, alshabab still 14700 strong

It wouldn’t lakini itaonyesha the world the horrors of terrorism ile ya New Zealand was made to look like the worst disaster in the history of mankind lakini hii ingine it’s barely getting any airtime those are different standards

Alshabaab has a dash of politics to it…it’s a case of turning a blind eye and keep the interests going.