Sri Lankans president fled the country on a ship.

Meanwhile peasants ni kijienyoy to Kwa palace


That’s the beginning of the end of a nation


Yaani ameenda kaa storeaway …

I remember the Arab spring, and say, let’s judge this in 3 years time. Politiicians are some of the most manipulative people you’ll find

sisi ndio next.

Maan kama iyo palace inakaa ivyo then Sri Lanka was seriously broke to the scrotums. I have seen better apartments in middle class areas in Nairobi, space not withstanding.

msenge wewe mwenyewe unaishi kwa bedsitter ikakaa as though a hurricane has been there & yet you feel like throwing stones?

Umekatwa kwanza iyo kitu? tuanze hapo

navy should toss him overboard !

Bro. Am sorry but I never lived in a bedsitter my whole life. At 23 I was already living in a 2 bedroom master ensuite paying 20k rent. Believe it or not.

Nimeuliza kama umekatwa iyo kitu. Jibu Yes or No.

Kwani Kuna venye wale vijana wa shamba la vajinia wanaweza kuwa walitoa za macho kweli?

The next president better act up before he gets smacked the fcuk up na achomewe ndani ya nyumba. On the flip side ,they will put a millitary dude and martial law to ensue then its another egypt albeit a bladi dictator with an iron rule