Sri Lanka bombing press brief

Watching CNN, journalists asking the minister questions regarding the bombing.
The guy is very patient, the reporters have some weak repetitive questions, some cannot even construct clear English sentences.

Whoever brought this language in Africa made a big mistake, its just like tribalism in Kenya. Just coz they cant construct an English sentence, you shldnt judge or point a finger on them. Ni juu ya hayo “NGUI”

Your argument can’t be used in this situation, international press briefing, you call yourself an English broadcast journalist, the least you should be able to do is speak clear sentences, accent aside, we all have one.
Secondly the questions were mostly repetitive, very poor journalism in my opinion.

Wapi briefing??.


Speaking in grammatically correct English is not a proof of intelligence.

They should speak sri lankan if there is any such language.The rest of the world should translate for itself

You have a big opportunity to tender your papers and apply for a vacancy

:oops: really? I think the opposite is actually true. If a Indian guy has mastered the English language, which is not his mother tongue, so well that he can speak it in correct grammar then right there we have an individual who can learn and therefore intelligent. Learning something to the point of mastering it is proof of intelligence.

You are brainwashed. If that is the case, also tell Europeans to master our African dialects and speak them as good as we do back here.

This has nothing to do with Europeans and everything to do with basic logic. If anybody can learn a foreign language to the point they can use it to properly communicate then it shows they are intelligent.

What percentage of Europeans or Americans know an African or Asian language, compared to the percentage of Africans or Asians who can speak at least one European language? Don’t tell me that there languages are global and ours are local.

You don’t seem to get what I’m saying. I don’t know why you’re so fixated on this developed nations vs developing nations on this topic. It has nothing to do with it. You falsely said Speaking in grammatically correct English is not a proof of intelligence.
First of all communicating clearly is a sign of intelligence and that is why during interviews the potential boss talks to their prospective employee to see if they can speak and be understood.
Secondly communicating in a foreign language properly is even a bigger sign of intelligence. Google search will pull dozens of links to show this. The benefits of being able to use multiple languages to the brain cannot be ignored.

It’s not about proof of intelligence, it goes to tell you our crop of journalists these days aren’t as good as on the past.