SRC under siege from MPigs. Where are wananchi?
SRC chairlady Lyn Mengich.
This wonderful lady rejected the MPigs attempt to award themselves illegal House Allowances.
The MPigs, now united regardless of gender, age, tribe or religion, are fighting her with a lot viciousness. They made good on their threat to slash SRC funding. Below in red is a excerpt from Daily Nation:
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]The Kimani Ichung’wa-chaired committee cut the SRC budget to Sh545.3 million from Sh649.9 million for the financial year starting July.
[COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Above is the MP, Kimani Ichungwa who led with defunding SRC. If this #@£# ever talks of building institutions then Kenyans must remember [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]he drew the first blood in killing SRC.
Missing in action is the common taxpayer who could tip the balance on this one and tell MPigs a big NO. No to illegal House Allowances and no to destruction of SRC.
When Wanjiku remains silent, MPigs will gut the SRC institution like a fish so that in 2 years the SRC will be practically dead then they will award themselves even bigger house allowances.
Okiya Omtata also sued the MPigs on the same.
My suggestion would be we taxpayers should be a little more invested in the way or country is run. When Kimani Ichungwa moves to kill SRC then we should make so much noise that he will think twice about it. Silence is consent.

SRC + Mpigs = Same people. Hapa siinglii.

cowards hiding behind the keyboard breathing fire and brimstone

Hapo sikubaliani. SRC is fighting MPigs in court. They cannot be the same people.

Siku gani tutafanya maandamano ile bila stone throwing? A million of us tujitokeze outside parliament for 3 days straight ndio wajue tukov serious

they day Unga itafika 880 bob.
before that we are okay

SRC are cut from same clothe with MPiGs.

But if that is the case then how come they sued the MPigs to the point MPigs became so angry that they actually cut their funds?
Maybe Sarah Serem was an MPigs mole but Lyn Mengich seems different.

As they are currently doing in Hong Kong. Streets are blocked and tiny-eyes ain’ leaving!

they never care about kenyans salaries. they never care about police salaries. mpigs are their only business

The referendum will only see the light of day if it addresses the bloated parliament, counties and salaries. Not sneaking in TMT to power through a parliamentary system as Nyong’o said yesterday

The money hit their accounts long time ago