SRC to increase allowances by 50%, push wage bill past Sh 1tr

Your sign to attend maandamano.


so tax payer money is going to politicians and by extension high end prostitutes?:D:Dnabii will finish this country

We need a coup in Kenya

Huyu Nabii knows where to put his eggs

He has made The Legislative happy
The Executive happy
The Judiciary happy
The County Governments happy
The Public Servants happy
The Police happy
The Church happy
The Diaspora happy
The Wash Wash gang happy
The Foreign investors happy

All but the heavily taxed Mwananchi

And that’s why i support tax evasion with every ounce of my being…

What has he done for the police?

He gave NPS autonomy over their budget.1 of the 13 directives he gave of his first day as President