Squatters in Mt Kenya and Abardare forests also to be pushed out too

says Spokesman Cyrus Oguna
He also added that UHURU KENYATTA government ordered the Mau evictions,


The peasants you see on TV are pawns to shield the King and queen…


Perfectly summarized, and the politicization is supposed to create public sympathy and physical confrontations in order to divert the people’s attention from the big grabbers.

How comes no one mentions Moi’s Kiptangich Tea farm inside Mau which is thousands of acres.

The late Biwott pia si alikuwa amegrab a forest?

I feel for those kdf officers who bought land in mau after serving peace keeping missions in Namibia, I’m told they named that place Namibia.

Wao watapatiwa compensation, chini ya maji.

Moi is the national grandpaps and in Africa we do not engage with the elderly in such a manner so as to embarras them. When Gidi takes over, we shall abuse him to kingdom come.

No wonder manGiddy amefunga bakuli sana of late hehe.

Meanwhile, ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa chako kitie maji…i hope the matriach anaona hii