Spying on/tapping a phone calls/text/whatsapp

wadau,forgive my ignorance but lemme ask,is this possible?can i bug someone phone?and how does it happen?does anyone in this kijiji know any expert(s).
I desperately need to spy on someone and it is not out of malice,it is just a concern i have on my career…


Tumia hio its one of the best ukishikwa shauri yako

you have become a slave. if you have to spy on someone to save your career then you are in the wrong career. kama ni job, quit


i install on my phone or theirs?

Theirs, alafu you can access everything once logged in kwa website yao.

wah,tricky part…and after installing it,will they be able to see it on their list of apps?or can it be hidden?

Not that easy, its a career Not a job

app operates in stealth mode meaning once installed the owner of the phone cant see it, it will run in the background


hehee…that took a while…i expected such as the first comment

just yanking your chain chief:D:D:D

Tread v carefully. Murky waters.

i dont think it can be traced back to me .

:stuck_out_tongue: You dont need a spy app. I can put malware in common apps like facebook, instagram that will be undetectable but staki kulala kamiti

I really doubt it could be free. Pengine hizi ni zile ukicollect data inadai ulipe kwanza ndio uone data yote.

I have used it before and it worked

Yes you can, get the machine from DCI, costs Ksh 3.4M to buy yours

Umetry ikasemaje?[SIZE=2]juu najua umetry[/SIZE]:smiley: