Spying app

Talkers is there a spying app that can retrieve sms remotely? usiaidizi:D:D

@Deorro Leta ile mbisha ya kunguru hafugiki…


:D:Dsio kunguru ni fiasara



any anti theft app will work, I use Cerberus ubaya you pay 3 usd for 3 year period but it works like a charm. You can hide it from the app drawer, take pics, get sms plus call logs and other 1 million spying features


saidia mimi tech guru.:smiley:

do i need to install something on the target’s phone?

si nimekujibu hapo juu

just install the app, login then hide it from the launcher… oooh and give it admin privileges. The rest you can do from your comp like view locations, take selfie, get text log and call logs etc etc

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poa let me try

Thread closed.

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let me bookmark this for future reference…

Which phone are you targeting? Im more familiar with the Android platform. You will need to root the phone, install your backdoor and spy for anything you want. Effective spyware doesnt just check sms, it breaks apps like whatsapp and telegraph.

(From team sitaclick)

Ndio maana ukajiita @Kigui?

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Im just an old dog. Still Trying my best to understand mzee Knuth

:Dtime ya kuroot simu ya victim ndio itakosa

iko na keylogger?

Unataka kuiba hadi passwords?

Kwani dem alikufanyia nini?

Deoro ikiflashiwa au factory reset haitatoka?

hii yote ni ya watu wako insecure ama? hahaa