Spying and intelligence community

Is it me only ama has anyone noticed how people are calm nowadays in terms of spying each other? Okay there is spying ongoing but it can’t be equated to last century levels, starting from 1940s to late 1990s. CIA and M15 were really wilding. Mossad had a brief stint from late 80s to early 2000s but nowadays they aren’t as big as they were before. Their occasional unaliving of Iranian nuclear scientists isn’t really that groundbreaking compared to the 80s where they ran amok massacring several key Arab leaders and sympathizers alike. Nimekuwa nikisoma some Wikileaks files and those CIA niggas were really wilding buana, from South America to Africa to Europe to Asia. They caused a lot of havoc bana. Nowadays everything is calm, no political assassinations, no thrilling spy adventures and no nothing. If we are lucky, we get treated to some China vs CIA innuendos once in a while but nothing much going on. M15 is nowadays focused on spying on MPs having affairs with their secretaries in their offices, Chinese equivalent of CIA is so lackluster, stealing trade secrets and technology from the US is what they have been reduced to. Even our own NIS has been reduced to fucking college girls while taping their mistresses phone calls. They can’t even destabilize Tanzania next door, or worse still Somalia. Hata Ruskies are being bullied by Ukrainians

Maybe their successes are silent.

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labda ziko kwa news ni vile wasee hawajawahi make any connections

You need to understand how spycraft has evolved with technology.
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Call of Duty Black Ops ndio ilinifunza vituko za CIA during the Cold War. The things the Americans did were so bizarre that you barely need to change the script for a videogame. But the CIA are still up to shady shit even today. Read about the NDS zero units in Afghanistan. Or the RRT in Kenya.

Angusha thread moja kali mzee. I have sent my application to Booz Allen Hamilton and I need to be prepared. Don’t know if they would accept my application since I am an international student. (Booz Allen Hamilton is a “defense contractor” that provides “cybersecurity knowledge” to the likes of CIA, yaani in short form, ni hackers ambao wamekuwa involved in the dark shit that CIA does online e.g hacking of Samsung smart TV for those who don’t them)

Enyewe CIA are some cold ass motherfuckers. Those niggas spy even the likes of Germany and France bila uoga wowote buana. I am intrigued.

Kuna thread flani jana you made a very important point. The echo chamber thing when I asked you about Trump’s social media. You remember it?

The CIA has been made sharia compliant, that is why it has no teeth. The application you sent will not succeed because the focus (and most importantly, their budget) has shifted to interrogating Trump supporters aka “domestic terrorists.” It was much cooler when the most credible threat was (rightfully), Islamic terrorists. Nowadays you show even a hint of “Islamophobia” unarushwa nje. Not worth it in my opinion.

The past that you are describing is exaggeration

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What about it?

Can you point me to that thread.

Well I thought so too. Just visit wikileaks.org for more

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True…like when they said Kisumu should be out of bounce to their nationals after elections…na pia the various terrorist warnings which mostly come to pass

As someone said somewhere else, the drunkest person in the bar could be NIS. The bartender could be NIS. But never the cool, calm calculating patron. That’s a conman.
NIS Mama Mbogas have the best fruits & vegetables.

Hehe spooks assemble

True dat. If you see a hawker or shoe shine guy who is sharply dressed, beware of him or her