Spurs resurgence

Since Spurs played against Barcelona in the champions league, totenham have become a ruthless free scoring team, this is due to the new role christian Eriksen has been given by pochetino. playing deep in the midfield has enable him to have ample free space and deliver dangerous passes to attacking players from deep in the midfield, thus bringing out the best in Son and harry Kane and catching the opposing team defenses by surprise.
However it is a matter of how long other league team managers take to formulate a plan on how to stifle Eriksen off the free ample space in order to cut down the amount of time he has on the ball, the same way the managers manged to stop chelsea by stiffling down Jorginho by reducing the influence he has on yhe Game.

rudi tu msituni ukapeane miti ni dawa

Nisha toka msituni na niko na dawa ya Kutibu Akili punguani na Shida ya kukojoa kwa kitanda, wewe ntakupea bure

Nv mungu angekuweka tu kuma kwa io kichwa yako usikuange na off season