Spot ze midget


No kidding

Ana pesa mredu kushinda, cumulative wealth ya talkerd

tailored suit ama anaendanga boys section?

You are now becoming retarted and ni kama you are jealous of his success .You don’t denigrate a man because of his height .Hio ni God given and there’s nothing he can do about it unlike a foreskin

Haka ka-midget kamenifinya sana of late kuhusiana na mambo ya data bundles. Pahali tutakutana hakutakuwa na kicheko

Wewe ni mbirrionaire aina gani unalia because of bundles.

This guy must have Jimmy Neutron levels of genius if he’s that successful despite his…umm…shorcomings.

His height clearly says zilch about his achievements. Mbona inakusumbua

Aaiii bwana. Nimekimbia nikidhani mumepata ile midget yangu … mwenye alikuwa na kuma moto ajab. Ma nugu nyinyi … na Mjifunze kuheshimu midget … bloody fwak

How tall are you Bwana Sambamba???

A lot of people get dealt shitty hands in the genetic lottery. It’s mean spirited to make fun of them for something they can’t control.


say what now?

I’ll repeat again for a reported ‘mbirrionea’ by the likes of your shamba boys @Jura & @Investorde , you’ve got very very questionable traits hata kama ni fake it till you make it you’ve failed miserably.

How tall is this motherfucker?:D:D:D:D:D lmfao

I noticed hii height ni kawaida sana pale malawi

I am a birrionea but I don’t allow people to defraud me of my hard-earned money. Even if it’s one shilling

You don’t sweat for your money

Says the fellow who everyday denigrates women and describes them as old and having hit the wall.:rolleyes:

Ngûmo ndéigana mwéne !