Spot the Stupidity

[B][I]My wife is 10 years younger than I am. I currently work long hours and I’m on the road a lot.
The other day I finished early and came home to find her in bed with a security guard I know.

When I questioned her about it she claimed she did it because I can’t perform in the bedroom.

I was deeply upset and that night I got arrested for been drunk and disorderly.

She’s since asked if I’d like an open relationship, but I’m not into that. I’ve asked work colleagues what they would do and they have been no help at all.

I do love her – I’m home every night cooking her tea – but she has also been violent in the past and I’ve forgiven her.

We’re going through a particularly hard time at the moment – her son got a girl pregnant so all our spare money is going on prams, baby clothes and so on.

To top it off, she wants her son and his girlfriend to move back home with us!

Do you have any advice for me? You’re my last hope.[/I][/B]

What a jackass! Sweeps and slaps is the only remedy.

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no advice just let him keep doing what he is doing let him eat his tomatoes

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She fucks the soja, beats you up, then you claim you got two balls? Man, go to Ukwala supermaket and buy a tampon for your nonesense…


Try a different brand of tea.

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Hehe and the soldier still works there…what a ballsy ass hat

Yaani he’s ever on the road…but finds time to rush home at night kupika chai…senji. Alafu son si wake? Ni wa watchie? :D:D:D. Ata wakati jamaa aliingia watchie akiwa ‘kazi’ wife alifaa amzabe splaps mbili na sweep for interrupting…Meffi yeye


I wanted to comment, and then nikafikiria, maybe ni hekaya tu… because, 10 yrs in marriage and you are still seeking advice! You should be GIVING advice.

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Ten years younger??? This is where the problem lies. When dating,the guy was younger say 22 and the lady 32. The guy used to chapa the lady hadi ilale and the lady got addicted. Marriage. Kupikiwa…peace…made the guy anone na kutoa kitambi. Performance started decreasing just when wife’s libido was peaking at 38. It’s common knowledge women around this age hata hawavaagi panty mkiwa kwa hau. Thirsty like hell.
ION age difference very important in marriage.

naona ulikamuliwa na security guard pia

That’s a warped logic. How then do you explain guys who are older than their women but survive that 35-40 years when women don’t vaa thuruari?

@barmann soma tena!

Aki it cant be true… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. No, it cant.

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mimi naona malesbians wana drama tu mob,why would you assume that it is a ‘he’?

Si ajinyonge aache kusumbua watu. He’ll be doing the world a big favour.

You mature together even in bed…probably the man being a good performer in bed. By the time he starts loosing,the lady kind of forgives knowing there might be a good time tomorrow. Ten years difference is the cause of this guys predicament. What would you think made the woman dog? When a wife dogs with a guy below her status eg house boy,watchie,or anaa young guy it is just for sexual gratification. Full stop.

Wahenga walikuwa washapitia izi mashida kidogo kidogo na wakagundua siri ni kung’oa iyo kinembe. Voila ! Problem solved.

For one to marry a woman ten years older than him inahitaji moyo. Just not compatible. Chances are the woman loved among others,sex prowess of the guy. In marriage sex is so kawaida such that you can go for weeks without it. Same with money. If she married you for money ikianza kukatika utajipanga.

Wacha solja aendelee na kile alichokianza.Start a new life.

I have no problem making tea for madam tuseme labour day hivi.
Lakini every evening? Priss! Enda ukunie mipira ndogo ndogo kama mbuzi.