Spot on


Io low blow ni noma sana banae. Literally hitting below the belt … walai. Come back ya io sweep si rahisi.

Ma DvD is worth 4b, he didn’t necessarily have to expressly answer this question, his net worth is sufficient

Kijana Ako na atleast 1 billion net worth ndio aongee mbele ya wazee

Including ile 3b ya kudeliver 70% western? I believe the 4b is an understatement.

300 m is what he was paid. Rumor multiplied it times 10.

Still seems an understatement. Party subscriptions ANC, shareholding ain a low cost airline fleet…madvd at the very least naona 10b.

Ng’ombe wawili wa vihiga, sabatia & kigama( < 4kms apart) waonesha uchi wao hadharani.

Ruto alimtengenezea hao ya 300M Karen

How much is ruto worth?

Uncalled for low blow, madvd delivered few votes to Nabii, yet here is going for a prime position of a prime cabinet secretary. Ambition should not always mean going to a higher position, but also resilience and being in a consequential position when others are falling from them. If an ex-cabinet secretary in Uhuru govt is appointed a PS in Nabii govt, s/he should take it, that shows ambition and resilience

It’s all about thrust.

The only vote Ruto was concerned with was the Central vote. 300m tops. And thats counting the house he was given in Karen and the loan Ruto settled for him.

SGR was $3.3B. They typically take 10% (split with Uhuru). 7B malaysiad in Kimwarer, stolen with Rotich and co. Add another 4-5B taken during his tenure before he fell into bad books with UK. 10-15B if he never spent anything.


Na hii pesa na mali yote jama baado haijatosheka? Aki binadamu nyinyi