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It’s hard to tell since her dirty fingernails aren’t visible.

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this isnt even for the OP but … i pick this moment and this thread to ask, whats it like when you gotta follow a bisch around (using one lone handle or even worse, more than one username) hoping she acknowledges you? … and then when that fails, you gotta form a posse to come for ONE bisch?


:D:D:D:D hapa hujaambia momo @Nefertities poa

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if u can’t take a simple joke, go hang urself…

engrich was rost even after i tried to appease the OP directly

Gives a new meaning to “Fuck the Police!”…kkkkikikikikkkiii…

Please lay off my @Nefertities you wankers.
She is my Heroine here on KTalk. Never gave a fcuk!..
I love you Pretty!..