Sportspesa fellows, fungueni roho.

Checking out @msalame grace 's thread and she has posted a video of one propesa. Reminded me of this short but hilarious poetry presentation he did.

Now I am very certain many villagers can relate to this, especially vile watu wengi wamenyonywa na sportspesa.

What is the biggest loss you have had, or most irrational bet you have placed, ama the biggest win you have lost just because “team moja ilikuua?”


During the 2012 champions league final, I placed 10k on Bayern to beat Chelsea never mind that I am a Chelsea fan. I was “sure” Chelsea would lose. The game ended 1-1. I had mixed feelings but 30 minutes later Chelsea won on penalties and I was very elated. We drank the whole night. That is the much I have ever lost.

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That was man to man bet? Normally bets are at 90 minutes mark…normal time that is

No. I had placed it with a bookmaker

A nondescript team to beat Barca
Lost possible win of 18k.
Lost 450/-

From my profit and loss sports pesa statements I have not lost neither have made profit… I win and later they get their money back… Jana I had a bet but one game from Slovakia was postponed made the same bet again but included 2 other teams Leister Waka draw nikapoteza… later nikipata message nimewin the first bet coz my prediction was correct minus the postponed game so Walitoa za postponed game nikipewa hizo zingine

History have it that any team that eliminates barca in the semis wins the UCL… hiyo singejaribu

I always coz I dont whine wen I loose.GAMBLING IS A CALLING.

CONSISTENT should be something good…but i lose consistently

I don’t bet!

some nondescript Saudi Arabian team that I believed had been wrongly priced at odds of 9+, I included it in a multi-bet nikachomwa 600 possible win was arnd 37k