Kudos to this @Wafula-2000 journalist for this investigative masterpiece in today’s Nation.
And there is more coming next weekend about the Jackpot winnings that never happened.
We were used as mere pawns in a complicated underworld of money laundering, orgies, drugs, kidnappings, and murders:
Read on:

Edgar obare meffi

Sijataja yeye pahali.

There’s no article to read.

Click. Ghaseer:D


It a very long read but worth it.
Read it and see how #peasants like you were exploited.

I actually read it today at onyozi while waiting to get shaved. It’s been so long since I sat down to read a physical newspaper. It’s actually very interesting. Summary is that the people behind Sportpesa are some heavy hitters thugs who’ve gotten involved in some serious crimes in Bulgaria.

Many coaches have been killed there. It’s a hellhole

Tuned for part 2

Niliambia watu ati hakuna mtu ashawai shinda hizo jackpots wakasema niko na wivu. Take a very close look at all sportpesa winners. Wote wanakaa conmen na wezi kabisa. Sportpesa jackpot was/is the biggest fraud in the Kenyan gaming industry.

Ghaseer! Hujui chenye unasema. Kulikuwa na thread that showed Abisai fixed a subtantial money in a bank. It was swiftly deleted by akina deorro na crew juu hiyo doxing hii site ingefungwa. That Abisai money is real.

Akanyal admin

I know several people who used to win bonuses every other week. What you are seeing is a coordinated anti sportpesa propaganda campaign

Bonuses nazo watu walikuwa wanakula, lakini jackpot hakuna!

aaaaaaiiiii…he just looks like a crook. Sijawai mwamini.

I actually won 20k hio ya megajackpot by getting 12/17 predictions correct.

Hizo nazo sawa, laikni jackpot? zii!