SportPesa terminates Everton and Formula 1 sponsorship deals

So all those billions SportPesa was making from peasant Kenyans, they used it to sponsor Everton and Formula 1.

Saa hizi kumekauka juu Matiangi alikataa waendele kufanya biashara Kenya alafu wapeleke pesa mingi majuu. I think that was a good move.

Na hizi sponsorship walikuwa wanafanya hapa Kenya ilikuwa peanuts ukiangalia ile pesa walikuwa wanalipa Everton na Formula 1 teams.

Chicken are coming home. Just a question si walikua wame sign a 5 year contract with Everton? Since they are terminating the contract, arent they obliged to pay something for the remaining time?

heheheee sportdau, mlituringia, now you see. you could have just shafted us slowly na maisha ingekuwa mrua


Very good move to curb the betting scourge in my opinion. We were loosing too much money and too many young men to this pandemic. I wish that these payday lending apps kama Tala na Branch can also be reeled in and forced to give out loans at no more than 15% annually :D:D

About the sponsorship aspect, as much as I don’t like what Sportpesa did to the society they have done more for sports in the country than the government has ever done for the field. With regards to the amounts, the amounts are obviously relative to the exposure received by the company.

Its not sportpesa that cancelled the contract, its everton that cancelled it. The english FA is moving to have legislation banning betting platforms sponsoring teams,everton are just complying.

Sportpesa already walichujwa ireland.

Na vile walijipiga kifua ni kama wao hutu-supply na oxygen…mpaka they had the nerve to give the government ultimatums, tucker tucker hao.

Wakule ujeuri wao