Sportpesa! Sponsorship or what

If you are an avid Rugby Fan like myself then there could be no better news than this as Sportpesa the Kenyan Betting Giant became the new Official sponsors of the game with a sponsorship deal worth Ksh 0.607 Billion to the Union.

I really hope the union will spend this chums well to develop this noble sport sana sana XV’s Rugby which is the core game.
I have a good feeling that with this kind of support coming then we will be playing the world cup soon.
This is how we currently rank, Our best ever! and still room for improvement as we approach 3 more test Matches next month

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Yaani Namibia are on top of us in the 15’s rankings? What position is SA?

Namibia have had a better run than us since the qualified for last years world cup.
We played last week away to them and and unfortunately fell to them 56-21 but am sure we can ace them any time was just a bad day in office.

Waluyha kweli ni wanoma


Wararuka msakuru


Omwela is the real deal. That other guy is a fraud. Akina Jalang’o wanafaa misumari mgongoni.

In 2014, Kenya rugby had sponsorship from companies like Safaricom and bamburi cement. They both withdrew because the sponsorship money was being pocketed by thieves in the union.
Kenyans are natural thieves and that sportpesa money will not benefit Kenya rugby.

Oh and Omwela is not the real deal. He has not accomplished anything notable nor introduced any worthwhile initiatives.

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Well you have a point about the previous sponsorships that came in the past years when Mwangi Muthee was the Chairman.

Rugby was getting right:
We got the 7’s team players some contracts turning the team to semi-pro, the technical bench also got professionalized hiring nutrituinists, strength and conditioning coach. Guys even dared that Rugby was now a greater sport than football moving The safari sevens to Nyayo and later Kasarani(epic fail). The Local sevens circuit was doing great

The XV’s team even get the biggest share of spoils : We hired South African coaches, Started playing test matches against worthy opponents such as spain, portugal & SA’s Western Province and we even participated in the Vodacom cup. Our Franchize Rugby{Bamburi super series} equivalent of the Super Rugby;) was literally on fire! expanding to accomodate teams from UG and TZ. Kenya cup even got in more teams participating.

All these awesome sh**until a pack of wolves embarked on a looting spree. Succession politics sijui Jalang’o sijui whoever. Wengine wakatupa Japanese wakanunu Cayene Watu wakaiba hadi Safricom, Bamburi na western union ikajitoa. KQ tu ndio ilibaki na malosses zake kibao.

Anyway atleast under Omwela’s stewardship we starting to see confidence being bestowed in the union with such sponsors coming on board. Rumour has it that DHL also want in with the 7’s team. But time will tell