Sportpesa Shareholders Walikafunga Thanks to 12 million Peasants

Hawa watu walikuwa wanakafunga sana. Over $25M in net profit per year for 5 years (2014-2018). Internet based businesses hukuwa kali sana juu ya scalability. Nimesoma article they had over 12M customers. Wueh!! Karauri earned over $7.5M in dividends before including his salary as CEO. It’s crazy.


The idiots got greedy and kicked out deep state connected birrionaire Paul Wanderi Ndung’u. Very foolish move. I’m sure today he has a controlling interest in Odi bets, Betika, and/or Mozzartbet, while the fools try hard to revive Sportpesa’s lost glory.

Whatever they did, they fumbled with the bag big-time. The company was a proper cash cow. Even MPs walianza kumeza mate and began to debate about it in parliament.

Saa hii the hot thing ni Fuliza. That’s where peasants are getting milked.

The amounts of cash this jamass were getting out of country, gava haingekubali waendelee

Yet they paid not tax on those earnings because there was no law

Hizo earnings zilimulikwa ikabidi watiii

Is Karuri still vying for a political seat.

Nikolov was the face of the Bulgarian mafia in Kenya…

Makosa sio kuwa greedy.

Ni kutocheza chini. Walijipeleka Yurop sponsoring EPL teams like Everton na pia F1 team fulani.

Hata wangeinvest aje there is no way wangefikia established big betting firms za huko.

Basically walijiletea scrutiny. Uhuru was asking KRA sportpesa imeleta pesa ngapi Kenya ili wafike kuzipeleka Yurop. From there, it was all downhill.

UK is a huge gambling market and tax friendly to pundits.
But I noticed Sportpesa doesn’t offer mega jackpots on their european sites. I wonder why.

Also, Sportpesa has the worst odds ever. At least their Kenyan Site does. Jioni al compare with their European Sites nione kama wanapeana similar odds across their multiple markets.

Tax had not been introduced to betting in Kenya then.

I maintain, there was no need to expand Yurop. Wangecheza Africa’s emerging markets. Look at how well they are doing in TZ.
How do you compete na watu wanasponsor EPL mzima, La Liga etc?
I even suspect those established big boys played a part in Sportpesa’s downfall.

Wangeenda DRC kukamua watu huko