So reliable sources indicate that a teller with a local bank managed to steal 140,000/= and put the money in sportpesa! Msee alishinda 200,000/= akaona hii ni biz ya maana sana. So the guy goes back and steals a whooping 2 million to invest in this new business. Ako missing sahii.

What crazy stories have you heard na hii sportpesa? Personally iv never tried betting,but kuna jamaa I know won 20k, akanunua simu and the rest tulikojoa in some pub in Nairobi west.


hata mimi nikiiba 2 mirrion siwezi ng’ang’ana na sportspesa




me ata sijui how this nonsense works, hebu tuelezee in details. Si unajua tu story za mtaa dont have concrete figures, only estimates. Ama ushawai ona watu wa mogoka wakipiga story kama wameshikilia calculators??? Sirry


kwani hawezi cheza multibet kadhaa kwa siku ama wiki za ngiri mbao each?

Betting is of devil.Last week I won 5k from 2 straight wins en my account had 10k+ but my greedyness couldn’t allow me to withdraw, instead I continued en my losing streak has seen my account read 2k as of today morning.


Nikiwagonga, I chuck the profits naacha seed money…ile pesa nilianza nayo


yours is upusi,probably the guy bet several times loosing until he won that 200k.

you win 200k after spending 600k, what’s the profit???

This Sportspesa thing is crazy…wanaume wanaamka asubuhi and the first thing they do is to log in kwa sportspesa account…naona school fees na rent mingi sana ikipotelea huko

Just registered.

Gambling is going to be the next great addiction in kenya.

Very true. Nikiwa kwa cyber, I always see several guys kwa hizi betting websites. Cyber zinapata watu wa betting sana siku hizi. It’s like mid to late 2000’s when everyone was obsessed with facebook.

Saw the same thing, went to a college library one time and almost everybody was on sportpesa making betts. We will be reading about it and TV staions will be doing features of it in the near future with stories of dudes who gambled away years of savings, retirement pensions, loans, pawning household appliances, land, cars etc.

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Hapo Nairobi West sema tu Cadillac

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Aka kibanda. That pub is just too tiny.

I made 4502/- last week on multibet, and 2500. in both I bet 1k. max I will go on gambling has been set at 20k.

You guyz endeleeni kubet. Mimi nafanya research what is required to open an online betting company


As much as i love football I will remain a virgin in sports betting.

Who owns Sportpesa?