Sportpesa Investors Tayarisheni Lube - Budget2019

Rotich has some bad news for Sportpesa investors.

10% of the staked amount.
In short ukiwekelea sh1,000, Rotich anameza Sh100 papo hapo.
Sh5000… 500 inamezwa. :D:D:D
Whether you win or lose.


Aweke 30%.

Maybe on the winnings.
30% can’t work on the stake. Some bets don’t even have a potential winning of +30%, so it will make no sense.

Betting companies can cover 10% stake and still earn billions …after all mtu akiwekelea bet ngiri ,90% chance huwa inaenda na they can keep 900bob

Very simple work-around .They’ll start giving a 10% bonus on the staked amount

Heri angeweka 50%. Discourage betting kabisa

Ni pesa yao tunabet nayo upuss

kwa sababu hamuna kazi na pesa yenu isipokuwa kupatia karauri na wenzake gava might as well help itself to some of it…

Hii imeniuma tena sana. Nijikaze niweke thao watoe 100. I win let’s say 3k and decide to bet again, they again slash 300. Yani directly tapping into sportpesa profits without lifting a finger. Am going international for real.

Mzee wacha kutonesha kidonda. Naskia kupigana saa hii.

Small knowledge is dangerous. That will mean that most firms will run out of business and relocate to other countries making the govt to lose that revenue in terms of tax. Na ujue bado watu wata bet.

Msee anawashwa na lifestyle za watu. As if hiyo tax inachukuliwa from betting itapelekewa mama yake! Reasoning ya watu wengine joh!

kuna tutorial nilipatia mtu juu ya maudhui ya sin tax jana hebu tafuta.

Where is your ferrari?

acha hizo

edit -is a ferrari the highest achievement in the world? what for?

sin tax my foot, they should ban it as well

That is a term for the people who think they are holier than thou. What makes you think you are better than those you are castigating? Nothing to do with a ferrari.

As much as sin tax should be put in place to curtail vices, you cannot overtax a commodity coz that will push it out of the market. It’s as simple as that. Let’s say they take 30%, karauri atabaki na 70% halafu iwe ati bado anakua taxed corporate tax and other taxes, he will run to losses or make very little profit margins which will be reason enough to move to other markets.

Cunt relate

Vile kumesemwa hapo juu, wataenda tu international and open a payment option ya mpesa kama aliexpress. Hapo Gover cant do zilch! Betting si pombe ati they will just increase Taxes every year na watu wakunje tu mkia wakubali.