SportMbia ni Waizi! Mavi ya Kuku

When you cash out with “accept any cash out amount” ticked, which is ticked by default, the cash out amount will be 75% or less of the displayed amount.
ichi in ngui chia Andu nkt!

sasa tukusaidie aje na tulisema zamani gambling is for fools?

@gashwin, for your info there is a difference between gambling and sport’s trading. Stop that ego of taking everyone one for a fool.


Let me be honest and admit that I don’t know the difference. Care to enlighten me?

SportPesa Cash Out - How to Use Cash Out - Best Practices

Is it gambling?

Of course it’s gambling. What the OP is complaining is that Sportpesa’s ‘cash out’, which is essentially withdrawing one’s bet after realizing that the event is not going the good way, is capped at 75% of the stake. The company is not stupid to refund everything, ara!

fungua kampuni yako u withdraw 100%

That was exactly my point. If you imagine someone opened fiashara so as to make YOU rich let’s call a spade a spade…you are what you are!

If you were a trader then you would not be here complaining about sportpesa and their cash outs. The likes of sportpesa,betin,bet365 etc are recreational bookmakers just suited for the casual gamblers. Real traders don’t use these low limit soft bookmakers,they use betting exchanges where staking limits for a single bet can reach up to $100,000. Anyway but don’t worry,if you are lucky enough to last long in this game without losing your shirt you will learn all this stuff.

ulijianika wakakuchunisha sasa tufanye??

I need to open a bookie that caters for these professional bettors .Huge opportunity including money launderers