this is what the likes of @TrumanCapote goes tru with sponyos.


Alpha male

wueh…unakunywa pombe ya kununuliwa na hutaki kuguswa

That kisii guy acts on ndizi tv. The footage is too clear for cctv.


Must be @Eng’iti a.k.a Embarambamba’s relative

Those cats can’t be just put down that easy, they go down hard mpaka jugdaniels iko mezani imwagike Yote, n they draw attention kama mbuzi kichinjioni, believe me, I once tried Nika postpone

:D:D hapo sasa

This is acted. The camera angles changes. One from the front one from the back. Showing a edited video. But it’s a good script. Very original.

Engiti esese.

but naturally this is how wakisii are…

They love it that way, it makes them moist.

Omoisioyo yaa

This guy is called Nyambane… A good friend of mine…and writes very good scripts!!!

True that this just a clip acted out. Kungurus don’t go down that easy, unless ni some college chicken

The scrip is really gooood…
Very realistic