Sponsors too are having it rough.






Jamaa ana kitambi kuubwa huwezi mshuku ni petty thief.

:D:D:D:D huyu ni mbuyu ya @Macharia wa kamau ?

Haibu kubwa sana, but then, what the difference between him , and those stealing billions from the public coffers?


Nairobi shamba ya mawe. Imagine watoi wake wanajua daddy ameenda job

:D:D:D:D:D:D well as wierd as it sounds…if the guy is making an average of even three laptops per week…he is making good cash…cos with three laptops the least he can make is 45k every week.

Got to love his swagger ! Very confident !

Jamaa ako na hippo neck kama yake should be an investor.not a petty thief.

sugu banae

:D:D:D Amehepa kutoka kwa lift kama Kipchoge akivunja record.

:smiley: nomare

Sadness of life…unakulwa na unabebwa lappy!

Jamaa walks out mbio mbio ni Kama ako na presentation ya PowerPoint pale UoN

Hehehe, you are right. There’s no difference, wote wana vitambi kubwa kubwa… cant run, cant fuck

:D:D:D:D:D:D dead

@snapdragon hope uko poa mblo…

dude who stole our phones enroute to a graduation ceremony in thika 4years ago dressed exactly like him…and was similar size. He made us believe he was a lecturer at JKUAT

He has to look the part, poleni lakini.

Stealing electronic gadgets siku hizi is like an effort in futility. Sijui about Vumbistan, lakini huku you can track them, disable them and they become totally worthless.

LOW IQ Kipchoge ran 5.8m per sec…kumbe kuwa cyber cafe attendant only needs an empty skull?..:meffi::meffi: