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End result




She looks so average in that pic…and that range looks awful in hot pink.

Just like @Supu don

She looks jus fine to team mafisi and 4 the car color , i think she chose pink (a shouting color) 4 attention. I mean when she drives this car everybody will tupa macho…


but no we millionares

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This car has always been masculine to me so in pink it just looks like a dragqueen.



How much does it cost per year to have a customised number plate? My guess 1 million.
That sponsor must be filthy rich, I tell you.

Yeah its one million but u don’t need to pay ever year…u only pay once.

Anyway sponsor wa hawa kina huddah are those rich arabs na uko Dubai. Yes she gets paid good but zile vituko wanafanyiwa …wacha tuu. Those arabs can run a 10 man train on a biatch…saizo unatupiwa matee,all sorts of abuses. Enda nudevista and search arabs and sex slaves

I can sponsor you my dear…all the farmers choice sausages you can eat.

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Morning dime piece

lol hi

HATA Mimi nimesponsor kadem hapa kayole na Mimi humkamua kwa mkia


Unakamua unatoka Na meffi…

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Ndo maana hiwa unanukisha kijiji meffi

apperently,guka,a.k.a @
[SIZE=4]FieldMarshal CouchP[/SIZE]
had a blast last night