Sponsor wa Gichagi & Bae

These slay queens are not ashamed of themselves.

Why should they be? Love conquers all. :cool:

Pia unaweza kuta ni uncle yake wa gichagi

Kwani ni bibi yako ama uliomba Scotland ukanyimwa?

Sssshhhh let people enjoy life!

i concur it sounds like conquers

Muharo tupu and maybe they’re relatives just taking a selfie.

patikana haha

Dem mwenyewe ndio amepost na akasema sponsor manenos

meffi post

Why ? Something don’t add up . If you are normal, just take a clear photo , that has no suspicions.

You’re old enough sir kutoka klost hadi huku , jamaa huiba mbichas kwa sites tofauti wanaleta huku .

cunt relate

Seen a similar really odd couple… Where the busaa drinker had just sold his inheritance land in redhill area, with the millions in cash a similar slay had preyed on him like a hawk.

probably just a joke

hinjio ni maku- be thinned by yours