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[SIZE=7]South Sudanese General Awet Akot to Take Legal Action Over Links to Monica Kimani[/SIZE]

South Sudanese Presidential Adviser General Awet Akot who is claimed to be the reason behind the wealth of the slain Kilimani businesswoman Monica Kimani, is set to take legal action over being falsely linked to her.

Speaking to Standard, Deng Aoch who is the Executive manager of his office, stated that the South Sudanese government had lodged an official complaint with Kenya’s embassy in Juba.

General Akot who was present during the phone call, assured the journalists that he will pursue legal action over the matter.

“None of these things you are hearing are associated to me, but I am not in a position to speak about them now,” stated Akot.

The General further refuted claims of ever knowing or working with Monica and disassociated himself with being linked to her murder.

Aoch speaking on behalf of Akot denied claims of the general owning property in Nairobi that was under the supervision of Monica.

“The general does not own a single iron sheet in Nairobi. If he owns anything it is in South Sudan and this is well known,” remarked Aoch.
Concerned members of the Trans National Assembly through a press conference came to Akot’s defence stating that the claims were a disgrace towards the general.
“An insult to the General is an insult to the family and the government which we serve,” read the statement.
Three days ago, Monica’s father Bishop Ngarama, had admitted that the former war lord was‘very close’ to the family.

Kwani Kilimani watu hujenga na mabati?

:smiley: sawa. lavta akuna mavati lakini loofing tiles ye?

Watoto wakike ! Usipo funzwa na mama yenyu, “baba” atawamaliza !

Nyumba ….ni kubaya sana. It will be 1000 years before we correct this messy situation. Taimagini Mum was telling me about Sharon and Monica and even knows about ‘sponsors’ and ‘slayqueens’:mad:

Wakike hawataki Kuchoka

fast life, fast death. none of this investigations will resurrect the dead girl. they should just move on…i.e. unless the dad is still obsessed with his V8 fetish na anataka kunukisha kitunguu na some form of compensation fee

Young people are in big danger halafu wazee hawataki ku retire waachie young people majob

I would hate to rise from the dead and find my Dad eulogising me like that. In a way I ‘hold’ him accountable for this girl’s death but who am I? I understand most parents of his generation are happy to be lavished with ‘dirty’ money. Na wanajua tu.

We saw on local TV ,an uncle being manhandled when he talk the truth , we are rotten societies with no morals !

We also have ‘ben 10’

Niguo Nyumba. How can my 60 odd year old mum describe the sponsor/slayqueen situation mpaka the titles? just how na ako huko mashinani:mad:she told me and I quote…‘guku kurera mwana wa muiretu reu nee thina mutheri’…for my non kyuk friends…she said raising a daughter in Kenya now is a huge problem. Further she added, ati ‘kwanja athiee University guku mugiree byee’.

Please weka link. I missed this one

KT wacha uvivu. Google or ask Georgie aka tru something? to get you the link. My rela @kasaman is busy worrying about his young daughters.

JInga yeye anatomba msichana wetu na anaruka umbwaa

Listen and listen guuud Bae…SUDAN is a no go area for mere mortals/gullibles leave alone a young girl left by her greedy Dad to be a cash cow.